Experience the local filipino life 

6 days to discover and share the life of the locals from the remote islands of Maripipi, Philippines



A unique expedition

- From a tourist to an explorer -

Embark for 6 days in a voyage of discovery around the remote islands of Maripipi, Philippines. With no tourists in sight, immerse yourself in a new world and share the life of the island’s inhabitants who will guide you on a unique journey through the natural beauty of their home.

is it for you?

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how many voyagers per trip?

You will share this journey with a maximum of 9 other voyagers from around the world, all of whom share your passion for travel. We'll make sure the journey is balanced between time spent with the other voyagers, the locals and yourself


Bon Voyage for all takes you deep into the local Filipino way of life. Be ready to live unexpected adventures, to meet awesome people in a remote and charming place
It was special for several reasons; being a part of a vision of what travel should be, ‘accessible’ and an adventure that provides opportunities to immerse oneself in a country/culture.
— SUE from NEW YORK / BV001

What price?

- only you will decide how much profit we make -

You will pay solely for the actual price of the voyage, what it costs to Bon Voyage for All to run it. Then you will be invited to contribute more, based on your perceived value of the experience. The purpose is to grow the company through value rather than profit. The payment will happen in two stages.


Before the expedition
You will be charged the real price it costs Bon Voyage to coordinate the experience, including transport, food and people. 

350€ all-inclusive for 6 days.


After the expedition
For a limited time, you will have the opportunity to add to the real price: Starting from 0 to 100, 200 or 300€. This additional contribution should be a fair representation of how valuable you found the voyage. Your contributions are here to drive our dream to support local communities through tourism and allow those less fortunate to benefit from the transformative power of travel. 

Join our next Voyage

Coming up soon!

- Our ambition is to connect like-minded voyagers across the world -

that's why we will primarily select voyagers with referrals. Only former Bon Voyagers will have the possibility to recommend friends and family to experience one of our discovery voyages


however, we will also consider open applications if we think the motivation and profile of the traveller fit Bon Voyage for All's requirements. This is only to make sure that you and the locals will fully enjoy the experience


Our story

- When you travel, a local travels -

our dream

We believe travel transforms lives and we want to make it accessible to all, not just the fortunate. We aspire to establish a new community of caring and responsible travellers from different socio-economic backgrounds that grows organically across the world.

our ambition

We aspire to design memorable ‘discovery voyages’ for curious explorers in developing countries. The revenue generated from these voyages will then enable Bon Voyage for All to offer full time jobs to our local partners. Furthermore, harnessing the notion of the transformative power of travel, we will design ‘discovery voyages’ in developed countries for our local partners that will be completely sponsored by Bon Voyage for All.

the team

Together with the founder of Bon Voyage for All, the team is composed of a small group of carefully selected filipinos from Maripipi who are passionate about showing you the best that their island and environs have to offer. They will be with you along the way to ensure your voyage is safe, comfortable and, of course, unforgettable.



Contact us

Team Bon voyage for All is based both in the Philippines and Hong kong.

Drop us a line if you need any additional information or just want to say hi


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